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Hot Stones

Mr. Her’s Massage is well known for DEEP TISSUE. No fluff and buff. We love to work with those who are serious with self well-being. Therefore, we provide high level of consistency in each and every massage tailored to your needs. So what are you waiting for?


Massage is more than luxury…


Massage therapy is key to physical health and mental well-being. For the cost of a dozen lattes or one nice meal out, you can invest in your health.  


We heavily pride in providing the BEST EXPERIENCE by:


  • Have you leaving saying "That was the best massage ever"


  • Comprehending your desired outcome, whether it is recovering from injury, relaxation or just want to experience your first massage.

  • Providing appropriate techniques for specific needs.


* = Complimentary Hot Towels
Swedish Massage*

60 min - $90

90 min - $120

120 min - $180


A classic Swedish Massage emphasis on 

relaxation and letting go of stress and tension. Typically focusing on the superficial layer of the muscle.

Swedish Massage
Deep Tissue*


60 min – $90

90 min - $120

120 min - $180


Deep tissue focuses on deep layer of the muscle. Massage therapist deliberately use slow strokes with fingers, elbows, forearms and knuckles on contracted muscles, tendons and fascia. 

Deep Tissue
Hot Stone Massage
Hot Stone Massage*


75 min - $110

90 min - $155


The body is gently massage with basalt stones allowing the heat to radiate deep into tight muscles and transporting your body into tranquil state of relaxation.



30 min - $55

60 min - $90


Reflexology is deeply relaxing and beneficial for pressure point therapy on your hands and feet. Certain area of the hand and feet represent a specific area of the body. 

Prenatal Massage*


60 min - $90

90 min - $120

120 min - $190


Enjoy a blissful prenatal massage that aids muscle cramps, stress tension, and aching muscles. This service will also increase quality of sleep as the body is going through changes.

Prenatal Massage



Cupping therapy is a form of alternative medicine that benefits in reducing pain, promoting relaxation, boosting skin's health and improving digestion.



Stone massage practitioners strategically place smooth stones (often basalt river stones) to relax the client and increase therapeutic benefits



A fascia blaster is meant to be massaged all over the body, one area at a time. This is said to loosen up the fascia. 



A Little About Me


John Her

LMT #19789
Growing up, I've always wanted to pursue a career in either architecture or auto mechanic, but being praised with compliments such as, “You are very intuitive with great hands,” from my friends and family, inspired and gave me confidence to pursue the route of massage therapy. Very little did I know I would fall in love with it. Therefore, I envisioned a larger picture and felt the need to achieve something greater. My biggest motivation is my mother, a hard working custodian of 20 years and counting. She always made sure providing for the family was priority, so therefore, educating myself in massage therapy is the best way to give back.
January 2012, I attended school at Anthem College in Beaverton, Oregon. By April 2013, I graduated and received my massage license. After becoming licensed, I immediately started massaging at high end spa establishments. With two years of experience and gained knowledge, it gave me the confidence to take my skills to the next level. The journey was challenging, but the idea of knowing that I'm able to help my clients gives me the strength to continue to do what I do best.
Mr. Her's Massage
Mr. Her's Massage

Limited Time Special


Introductory Massage

(60 min)

ONLY $75.00

*Packages may be shared with peers. Must be paid in full up front.*


This is the perfect way to receive free massages. For every three people you refer to Mr. Her's Massage, you will be rewarded a COMPLIMENTARY 60 MIN MASSAGE!

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